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Art Classes – How to Select the Best Art School for Your Child

Art has been losing popularity in our modern day society due to the focus on practical subjects such as mathematics and science. Despite these subjects having more economical value, art has many benefits for your child such as increasing creativity, opening up the mind to different ways of thinking and therapeutic benefits due to the uniqueness of each piece of art and the fact that a right or wrong answer does not exist in art like it does in many other subjects. As you can tell art has many benefits for your child so it is important to select an art class program where you child can fit in, have fun and improve his artistic abilities. In this article I will outline three qualities that make up a great art school.The first quality of a great art school is small class sizes. Your child is not in college yet where big sized classes are the norm. Therefore it is important to focus on a small class sizes where your child can get personal one on one attention. More importantly this personal attention can help improve key weakness areas of his art causing him to be inspired and work to improve his artistic abilities. Additionally small class sizes lead to a more community feel where students feel more encouraged to connect with one another and exchange ideas about art that can help improve each others painting as well as having an appreciation for the various art styles of the other students in the class.The second quality that makes a great art school are the teachers. The last thing you want is a teacher who has a negative outlook on life and may be a brilliant artist but fails to have the necessary people skills to make your child’s art experience a warm and welcoming one. The teachers that make a great art school should be experienced, patient and most importantly have good rapport with children. A patient and supportive teacher is like a great mentor to have in your corner that can gently push you to become the best artist you can possibly be. By being patient and creating a laid back class atmosphere a teacher can allow high levels of creativity to flourish which will bring out the best in his students.The last quality that makes for a great art school is a introductory price plan. Art classes provide many benefits for your child, since he is still young you may not know if art classes are suitable to his style of learning. Many art schools charge your child for months of lessons in advance but this only shows that they are after your money only. A great art school is one that offers introductory pricing for the first few lessons in order to see whether your child likes the art lessons and is willing to do them for an extended period of time. Lastly a professional art school should charge your child on a month to month basis only since it will keep the teachers on their professional behavior to ensure your son has a good learning experience that will keep him coming back for more.In conclusion many different art schools exist for your child. Although he may have natural gifts as an artist, it is important for him to be in the proper art school that has an environment that can cater to his abilities and encourage him to excel in order to become the best possible artist he can be and more importantly be in a fun and laid back atmosphere so his creativity can flourish to its maximum potential.